Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A church mouse

 So here is a blast from the past wedding cake.  This cake turned out beautifully in the end but we did not serve all of it.  Why?  Because as you can see from the last picture, a little mouse at out the center of one of the cakes.  They had all been put in a room in the church where the wedding was.  The small top cake was sitting at a different location from the other cakes.  When we go there the next day we found a mouse had eaten himself sick on wedding cake.  There was no time to redo the cake.  The parents of the bride asked that I just fill it with frosting and set it out where it was supposed to be and then throw it away as soon as cake cutting time arrived.  Since it wouldn't touch anything that was served I agreed.  The bride never knew how close she came to a cake fail until on her honeymoon when she bragged that nothing went wrong at her wedding.  Her husband confessed to the whole thing and why they kept it from her.  She eagerly proclaimed to having the best family and friends ever to not ruin her day with the news.

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