Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Cake

 My husband doesn't often get to involved in my cakes.  But when he saw this pan online a month ago he sent me the link noting that I needed to make that cake.  I happily abliged for a party we went to.  It was a chocolate cake dusted in powedered sugar.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simple beauty for a birthday cake

 I thought this cake was perfect as is with the simple classic lines. 
 My cute daughter thought it needed something more...we know who makes the decisions in our house.  But "Grandma Fay" loved the birthday suprise from one of her favorite little girls.

 Its a lemon blueberry cake with a lemon curd filling topped with a lemon whip cream frosting.

 We also added a few white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate ganache for her real grandkids so they would leave her lemon cake alone.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coconut Cake to die for!

John found this recipe for me and we took a couple coconuts and cracked them and shredded them ourselves and make this delicicous cake.  It was so rich and heavenly you couldn't eat much.  We've tried the recipe with store bought coconut but it's just not as good as when you get it fresh out of a coconut. 

Mother Daughter Hawaiian Luau

 I got together with a couple great ladies in the ward and we sat and frosted these cupcakes the other two ladies made.  We were able to do it all in just a couple hours.  Not bad.  And they turned out so fun if you ask me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A little watermelon for a summer get together

 Fun Watermelon cupcakes for a summer party.  Actual flavor of the cake was strawberry with chocolate chips, topped with buttercream frosting.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wedding for a Princess

 This cake goes back a few years for me....June of 2006 my sister got married and made her this wedding cake.  Her colors were red and black but she had a definite princess theme especially to her cake.  It was fun to do all the swags and such on a cake.  I also made all the flowers on the cake out of frosting. 

 My favorite was all the little girls who wouldn't walk away from the table with the cake.

Pinewood Derby

Some definitely turned out better than others, but for a fun treat prize for a bunch of 8-10 year old boys they thought they were pretty cool.

Birthday Cake

Beautiful Birthday cake to brighten someones day.

Last minute birthday cake

On a whim I made this cake for/with a friend for a church meeting she had the next day. She is one of those friends who does everything for me so a midnight cake for her was nothing!!!

Jungle Baby!

 Adorable Jungle baby shower cake to match the bedding.  Triple chocolate cake with whip cream frosting.

Just Horsin' around

This isn't anything too fancy and not the most "amazing picture" or anything. But this is the cake and party bags we threw together for my daughter's 4th birthday. She is horse obsessed currently.  We then took the same image and made a coloring page for the kids and a super large one for the wall for pin the tail on the horse. 

Flip Flop Fun

 Final pictures once the "sand" or brown sugar was added.  They turned out great I think. 
 These were for a Relief Society beach party.  Each flip flop is the size of a half sheet cake.  Yes they are that big! 

Baby Shower

 This baby shower was not gender specific so we had some fun with both pink and blue. 

Tasty cake pops

 Gotta love tasty fun cake pops for a treat.  These cute girly ones were white chocolate and strawberry with lemonade frosting.  The Brown ones are dark chocolate coconut with chocolate fudge frosting. 

Giving away to friends

 My kids love the opportunity to make up a quick batch of cupcakes to give to friends and family. The top are cherry chip cupcakes they took to friends. The second are white chocolate funfetti cupcakes made for teachers.

Friday, October 19, 2012

A beatiful wedding cake in Yellow

 This was a super tricky cake to make. It was a white chocolate cake with strawberry filling on the top and bottom layers. The middle layer was a carrot cake with cream cheese filling. The whole thing was decorated with a whipped cream cheese frosting. Super tasty, but such a hard frosting to work with. Luckily it held up for the reception. I was so relieved!

 Not often am I in a picture with a cake, since my daughter was there to attend the wedding with me she snapped this picture of me with my work.

Final side note, please don't ask for this will probably be turned down unless it's a simple small round cake with minimal design. 

Graduation with Pizazz

 The cakes were triple chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling for the hat and bottom layer. And white chocolate with white chocolate ganache filling for the polka dot layer. 

 One of the things I loved about this cake was that instead of sticking to the High School colors for the cake they let the girl use her favorite colors to make the cake her own.  I loved it!