Friday, October 19, 2012

Cub Scout cake contest

For our blue and gold banquet we had the kids do a cake contest.  We told the kids they could do just a single cupcake or something a little bigger if they wanted to.  I worried and stressed that there wouldn't be enough cake.  Since their cakes were the only dessert for the night.  So very last minute with no time to decorate I threw together this cake to provide cake just in case.  It was not needed.  They did so many fun cakes there was more than enough to go around.  But quite a bit of mine was eaten still so it wasn't all for nothing.  By the way, no my cake was not in the contest against the kids.  Theirs were great on their own and no one wanted to take that away from them.  In fact, if it was too obvious the kid didn't get to really work on the cake we made sure that others were picked as the winners so it was the kids work that won.  Next year we should add a second award for the best cake by "mom" so they don't feel left out.

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